Slower-than-molasses advancements are ushering in the end times.

OK, OK - so I move with the breathtaking speed of Angela Lansbury underwater and my progress in general doesn't speak well of my get-up-and-go, but here they are - The Chosen Headshots, as chosen by myself and you (you being the convenient pronoun since it can be either singular or plural). See, you did accomplish something in 2007. There was no need to take it out on your wife.

So thank you for voting. I did take your input into (and out of) consideration. Now comes the easy part, where casting directors stumble across my blog, fall in love with my approachable gourgeousness, and offer me a role in The Hottie and the Nottie 2: Not Without My Lip Gloss, You Fuckin' Bastard!

Wish me luck.




Puppet Sketch is ushering in the end times.

I have a friend - a wonderful friend - who created a puppet video with his friends - with his wonderful friends - and it is fairly awesome, more or less fantastic, and sad (which you know I love). The premise alone is enough to justify the youtube admission price: two gloriously oblivious but happy puppets working a suicide hotline.



Untitled Glasses Project is ushering in the end times.

Centuries back I went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D. It was actually my first ever viewing of the film. That third dimension seemed more of a distraction than an integral part of the movie, but the glasses were fantastic - thick-framed, high-quality plastic, unbelievably sexy. So I popped out the lenses and donned the frames for a couple of days. Just like the time I found old sunglasses outside of the bakery's dumpster during undergrad and wore the frames for a good month, much to the dismay of close friend Ginger. I am a little predictable.

However, this time I went one step further and forced everyone I work with to wear them too, including a few boyfriends (of coworkers, not mine - I only date kittens).

Ladies and gentles, here is Untitled Glasses Project.