USHER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why can't David - whoops sorry ;) d.a.vid - write anything new? Hons? And don't even getmestarted on the name d.a.vid itself. What is that? Who does he think he is? will.i.am? Like his name can be found anywhere in the celebipedia. Oh and here are some lustalicious rainboots i found at Teen Vogue.  
Totally sidetracked but hons - what takes him sooooooo long? Its not like he's working on the next Harry Potter (Oh! i hope *fingers crossed* there r more. She can't just finish it. That's so brutal to all her fans - of which i am one. JK, u wouldn't abandon a baby would u? Leave it on the dirty mensroom floor?) Maybe he thinks he's gonna win an oscar or teen choice award for his blogging. Well that's superdumb d.a.vid because u can't win either for a blog. Those awards r for entirely different categories. So Entirely.

And blogging is no Everest. i'm doing it right now. And i'm only 14. i'm DEF NOT a 30 yr old with a Masters-------and i'm blogging. Succexcellently i might add. (Master of what? That's funny. Would a real Master be working at a hair salon? Eating at McD's?) And i'll give u more of what u really want.....


Why do "str8" guys do this sorta thing? (The str8 in quotes means i'm skeptical whether there actually str8 - more on that later) Maybe its cuz there so horny and they spend way too much time together. Like if there in sports u know there always in the lockerroom hanging out. Or maybe there all really GAY! That'd explain why Brister was such an ass to me at the Holiday Ball and wouldn't even talk to me the entire night. EVEN THOUGH HE WAS MY DATE AND MY DAD PAID FOR HIS TICKET AND THE LIMO!!!!!!!! Whatever...htf should i know?

And pics of the Jenner bros 
So much cuter than the Jonas bros who r all like 10 yrs old and dressed by their gay uncle (confession: Joe may be growing on me a teeny bit. But not if he keeps looking like this!!!!!!!!! 
OMG! A fur coat? He looks like my mom's friends and i don't crush on MILFs!)

Anyways...back to the Jenners. 



i luv the last one of Brody the absolute best because its a totally fun candid pic like one i'd take with my bests. U know he'd be a BLAST to hang out with. Lucky bitch LC. Extra points for the bad boy tat. Click on the happy face to go to Brody's OFFICIAL webpage.
He's also working on a new TV show called Bromance. So excited. Contestents get to compete to be one of his bros. Luv it. And i'll def be keeping u posted. (Bromance? Anyone else notice the gay thing again?)

Oh! Here's something totally different and way weird. The new WORLD'S UGLIEST DOG has been named. i'm totally serious. And no its not Miley Cyrus. JK! JK! I'm sooooo joking (kind of). The dog is Gus. Here's a pic.
And NO it's not the woman. That's the owner, sillies. I'm being soooo naughty today ;) Here's a better pic of Gus - if u'd want a better pic.

Doesn't it look like he'd fit really well under a car tire? Now don't go all Tom Cruise on me. i will not be ur Matt Lauer. i'm not saying it should. All i'm saying is that Gus's body looks like its shaped to fit under a tire. That's all. i made a pic to show what i mean.

(That took me 4EVER to make that pic. Maybe if d.a.vid had more pics like that i'd understand why he never posts. BUT HE DOESN'T!) So we have a new World's Ugliest Dog. Yeah! And pretty soon we'll have a new president which is almost as exciting. i guess i'd be more excited if i could vote but i'm obviously not old enough. My dad says i should care anyways BUT WHY? Its not like it effects me. My dad keeps going on and on and on and on AND ON about how much things cost now and like the price of gas ---- which r pretty ridic reasons why he and my mom won't drive me and my bests to the mall. So what if gas is like $10 a gallon. i don't drive so its not like i'm paying for it. Ughh!

Whatever. i guess i should go. Apparently i'm supposed to be watching the new Jonas bros movie and i missed it already on the disney channel AND on ABC. But its showing on ABC family tonite. i promise i'm not really a fan no matter what ur assumptions r (make an ass of u and me. ha) i'd rather listen to Tokyo Police Club or even Lil Wayne's new album. What r u surprised i listen to Lil Wayne? i'm not a ghetto girl by any stretch but i like rap - Kanye is all over my iPod.

Well thanks for reading. Tell d.a.vid to write something already. Its been major.

Peace Luv & Fun,