Old Smokey is ushering in the end times.

A song from my childhood. 

Does it need to be on YouTube? Yes. Everything should be. Is it flattering to myself? Of course. I'm wrapped in a fleece blanket groaning. Remember, being earnest is the same thing as being good. Will it move history? Without question.

Without question.

Here are the lyrics to my particular version so you can sing along:

On top of Old Smokey, all covered in blood, 
I shot my poor teacher with a .44 slug.  
I went to her funeral. I went to her grave. 
Everyone they threw flowers, but I threw a grenade. 
The cops came and got me. They put me in jail,
But i grabbed a bazooka, and I blew 'em all to hell.


melinda said...

Wow...that was a bit unsettling.

Sarah Singleton said...

do you have a cold or sometheen?
or has your voice just gotten lower and sexier?

d.a.vid said...

I think I can safely say both are true.